La Emperatriz was born in Barcelona in 2012 as a personal project by the architect and designer Patricia Pérez Salem. It's a brand inspired by Mexico and its peculiar mix of cultures. 

All of the brand's creations have a fearless character and undeniable personality, they run away from indifference and make a statement. Recognized for their strong and powerful appearance, the works of La Emperatriz express itself from the creative exuberance and the overflowing imagination of their creator. The manufacturing process is meticulous and entirely handmade, each piece has been designed and molded by its creator, turning them into unique designs.


The call of the artisan

Each piece seeks a special connection, almost spiritual, with whoever owns them. Inspired by alchemy and cultural clashes, the pieces of La Emperatriz are conceived as amulets; encouraging a deep bond with the person who carries it. So, the brand doesn’t design based on gender or age, rather to benefit its own decisions. Whoever finds the designs of La Emperatriz does so stripped of fears and taboos, and from a place of freedom, personal conviction, and naturally, from a similar aesthetic universe of the brand. 

La Emperatriz uses a variety of materials such as tin, brass, semi-precious stones, gold and silver plated, as well as a 100% ecological resin made with wood surplus and other natural materials. All of them are hypoallergenic, of great quality and light. Not surprisingly, the brand's motto is that their trademark pieces (those of considerable size) are very comfortable to wear. 



The brand has a long journey of achievements: the designs of La Emperatriz have been successful in “La Fura del Baus” in the adaptation of the opera Parsifal by Richard Wagner in Cologne, Germany. 

In New York's Fashion Week in collaboration with Dezso By Sara Beltrán with a piece valued in 30,000 USD, which its characteristic resin was mixed with diamonds, gold and stones. 

Also, the jewelry has dazzled on several occasions in the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Mexico as a complement of the fashion collection of the designer Ale Quesada. The pieces of La Emperatriz, a regular claim in design and fashion publications, have recently been published in Vogue Paris and Vogue Mexico, and their creator has been chosen as one of the top 100 emerging designers in Mexico by CENTRO. 

Mystical Hybric is the fifth collection of La Emperatriz, which adds to the previous ones: Love you to death; Ochoveintidós; Golden Strawberry y Geometry of Love.