The Calling of Artisan

“L’Imperatrice recreates an oneiric universe with handcrafted pieces that fuse tradition with avant-garde”

The Perez Salem sisters produce each one of the pieces of jewelry of L’Imperatrice’s collections at their studio.  The work of craftsmanship that marks the characteristic of a limited edition line being that they are almost one of a kind pieces, none of them alike to another, and are being produced on a small scale.  This way, in each one of their creations L’Imperatrice reclaims the essence of “handmade” and the unique characteristic of a limited production line that brings an added value to their designs.  By doing so, L’Imperatrice carries out/fulfills one of the grandest luxuries of the 21st Century: objects that are handcrafted designer jewelry.


The designers Patricia and Priscilla, carefully and affectionately oversee each one of the details of the manufacturing process, in which they utilize only high quality materials and resins that are 100 % ecological and which respect the environment, an indispensable requirement for them.   

All of the pieces of jewelry include, attached to the clasp, a small brass pendant dipped in gold or silver in different tonalities/color-schemes.  These are small emblems that represent the icons that are characteristic of L’Imperatrice, its own imagination, which makes these pieces created by the Perez Salem sisters recognizable and distinctive.